Defining Personality

What is a “personality”? It is a set of traits and patterns that combine to create the individual each of us is. This also includes how we see and think about the world around us. Having a healthy personality means having the ability to cope with the difficulties in life as well as the ability to form bonds with others.

Understanding Personality Disorders

Having a personality disorder means that an individual has a hard time dealing with and relating to others. They also maintain a very narrow view of the world and others. These individuals tend towards rigidity and cannot adjust readily to the changes that happen regularly in life. What compounds the situation is that these individuals tend to perceive their behaviors as “correct”.

Recognizing a Personality Disorder

To qualify as a personality disorder, the behavior of an individual must meet some diagnostic criteria. A person must exhibit an entrenched history of inflexibility and destructive patterns of perceiving that cause distress in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Typically, personality disorders present during adolescence and become more entrenched during adulthood.

Personality Disorders– The Causes

Many mental health experts view events in early childhood as strong influencers that affect one’s mental health for decades to come and believe these events lead to personality disorders. Still others think genetics may be at play. Finally, there is also a school of thought that thinks environmental triggers may fire up genetic predispositions toward personality disorders. Whatever has caused a personality disorder, getting help is crucial. If you think you may have a personality disorder and want to consult with a mental health professional, contact us today.

Can Telehealth Treat Personality Disorders?

Telehealth, sometimes called telepsychiatry or teletherapy, can be a very effective treatment option for those with personality disorders. A telehealth session adheres to all the same protocols as an in-office session, providing the patient with compassionate and personalized care. Telehealth also adheres to HIPAA regulations, ensuring that a patient’s privacy is protected.

To participate in a telehealth session, you will need a stable internet connection, a device that connects to the internet, and a private space in your home. Any software needed for a telehealth session will be provided by LifeStance. If you are interested in receiving telehealth for a personality disorder, contact a LifeStance provider near you today.